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Premier Service is an Independant Mercedez-Benz Center in Leicester


The Benefits Of A Mercedes Approved Garage

A Mercedes approved garage is exactly what you need to maintain the condition of your Mercedes. After all, this is a luxury car that needs special treatment, and here at Premier Service we offer targeted Mercedes Benz servicing. We are a Mercedes approved garage in a range of locations and have been working with the […]

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Why Do You Need To Service Your Car?

Servicing your car is a crucial part of keeping your vehicle healthy and free from any breakdowns. Here are 6 reasons why car service is so important. 6 Reasons To Service Your Car Don’t Lose Warranty When purchasing a new car, carrying out services at the correct time is vital to protect your manufacturer’s warranty. […]

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The Future Looks Electric at Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz have announced that they are preparing to go electric by the end of the decade, assuming that the market conditions allow it. This pledge will involve huge changes across the board, including an investment of over £35 billion into battery electric vehicles. As of 2025, Mercedes-Benz will launch three electric only offerings across the […]

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How to Take Care of Your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz are high-end, quality cars which require regular, first-class maintenance for them to run smoothly and reliably. This means regular servicing and up-to-date MOTs. It is important to get these done by the original manufacturer of the car, or a certified Mercedes garage. This ensures the service is genuine and reliable and any necessary replacements […]

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What to Know Before Buying a Used Mercedes

Buying a used car always comes with certain worries, are you getting a good deal, is there a reason the seller is getting rid of the car that they are not telling you about, is there anything you should know about the car and its conditions. Buying a car second hand always comes with a […]

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Mercedes Benz Servicing: Service A and B Explained

Mercedes-Benz’s are renowned for being high quality, well-engineered cars. If you own a Mercedes it needs to be well looked after, to ensure it can run at its optimum level, this is why you should book regular services. There are 2 types of Mercedes service, an A Service or B Service. This article will tell […]

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