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What to Know Before Buying a Used Mercedes

Buying a used car always comes with certain worries, are you getting a good deal, is there a reason the seller is getting rid of the car that they are not telling you about, is there anything you should know about the car and its conditions. Buying a car second hand always comes with a certain amount of risk, however, the savings you make on the price, in comparison to buying it brand new, often make these risks worth it.

However, the benefit of buying a used Mercedes is that due to the quality of engineering, the cars usually hold their value well, and so you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. If you do encounter any issues you can visit a Mercedes garage for a high quality Mercedes repair.

When you buy a Mercedes you aren’t just buying a car, you are buying the brand. Nevertheless, when buying a used Mercedes car, there are some aspects you need to check before purchasing, to protect yourself from encountering any problems:

  • Registration documents  – you won’t be able to tax the car without it. 

  • Does the mileage, age and appearance of the car look consistent?

  • Check MOT certificates and history, look for advisories, and any reasons the car has failed the MOT in the past. Ask the seller if these advisories have been repaired since being pointed out.

  • Check carefully for any accidental damage.

  • Does everything operate normally? Lights, brakes, handbrake, steering? 

  • Does the car have a HPI check? This will tell you if the car has ever been a write off. Although it is still ok to buy a car that has been a write off in the past, it is still something you should know, as you need to tell your insurers and this can change the terms or cost of your policy.

    If after you have bought the car, there are faults or need for repairs or you simply want to alter the car to your liking, you can go to any Mercedes garage and they will provide you with the best service possible.