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Why Do You Need To Service Your Car?

Servicing your car is a crucial part of keeping your vehicle healthy and free from any breakdowns. Here are 6 reasons why car service is so important.

6 Reasons To Service Your Car

Don’t Lose Warranty

When purchasing a new car, carrying out services at the correct time is vital to protect your manufacturer’s warranty. If you do not stick to the guidelines you could lose your warranty and pay for all repairs.

Keep Your Engine Working Smoothly

It is no secret that an unhealthy engine increases breakdown risk and reduces fuel efficiency. Your car needs to be serviced regularly by changing the oil and filters. Check your oil often and if it has a thick black colour you need to change it, so it reverts to a golden brown appearance.

Decrease The Risk Of Accidents

Going to a specialised car service and conducting a total Vehicle Health Check helps identify any dangerous issues. It makes sure that crucial elements like the brakes, suspension and exhaust system are working correctly.

Avoid Flat Tyres

It is not easy to notice when your tyres need inflating. So doing a regular Vehicle Health Check will ensure that they stay in good condition. The law states that your tyres should have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. However, 3mm is superior to drive on the road smoothly.

Maintain Resale Value

If you don’t look after your car, its value will plummet. Regular car service prevents your vehicle from becoming old and worn out. Therefore, when the time comes to invest in a new car, you can sell your automobile for a price that helps to fund your next purchase.

Not to mention, if your car has proper service history, an insurance company will pay you a larger amount if you lose your vehicle.

Save Money Long Term

Regular car service is expensive short-term, however, it saves you money in the long run. What has better fuel efficiency? A vehicle with a rusty engine and flat tyres? Or an automobile that has no mechanical issues and never breaks down. After all, it costs more to fix a car than to maintain it.