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Premier Service is an Independant Mercedez-Benz Center in Leicester


How to Take Care of Your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz are high-end, quality cars which require regular, first-class maintenance for them to run smoothly and reliably. This means regular servicing and up-to-date MOTs. It is important to get these done by the original manufacturer of the car, or a certified Mercedes garage. This ensures the service is genuine and reliable and any necessary replacements are completed with original Mercedes parts, meaning your warranty stays valid.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your Mercedes-Benz:

  • If there is an issue with the car or you need an up-to-date MOT, ensure you take the car to an official Mercedes service centre, so you know that the standard of the service is high quality and the parts are genuine Mercedes parts.
  • Maintain a good battery connection: a good battery connection ensures the vehicle can continue to start. This can be carried out by removing the battery terminals and cleaning the posts with an efficient, professional cleaning product and thoroughly rinsing with water and drying and lastly, replacing the battery terminals.
  • Use the Mercedes-Benz owner’s manual to help you know if you need your brakes replaced. If this is the case, ensure you take your car to a Mercedes service centre where they can replace your brakes and have you back on the road safely.
  • Check your tyres: your Mercedes service will more than likely check your tyres during your serving and MOT, however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check your tyres yourself in between servicing intervals. Regularly check that the car’s tyres are filled to the correct setting and inspect them when checking the liquid levels to ensure there is no damage, if you notice anything unusual, make sure you take your car to a Mercedes service for a professional opinion and a possible replacement. You should rotate your tyres every six months to prevent them from wearing unevenly.