About us

Premier Service is an Independant Mercedez-Benz Center in Leicester


The Benefits Of A Mercedes Approved Garage

A Mercedes approved garage is exactly what you need to maintain the condition of your Mercedes. After all, this is a luxury car that needs special treatment, and here at Premier Service we offer targeted Mercedes Benz servicing.

We are a Mercedes approved garage in a range of locations and have been working with the brand for more than 20 years. Therefore, we possess advanced knowledge and experience across the entire range of Mercedes Benz vehicles. Our opinions are fair and impartial where we seek your approval before carrying out any work.

Why Use A Mercedes Approved Garage?

A high-class car such as Mercedes Benz needs high-quality servicing to ensure it runs safely and efficiently. At our Mercedes approved garage, we provide a health check for your car where we monitor everything from engine fluid to general wear and tear.

Using our specialist service can help you save money long-term as we can spot any problems early on and prevent them from developing into something more serious. If you don’t service your Mercedes often or take it to a Mercedes approved garage this can result in quicker deterioration of performance.

The right garage will use genuine parts, lubricants, tools and processes that fit your Mercedes Benz vehicle and uphold your warranty. Here at Premier Service, we offer honest advice and recommendations, while never carrying out work without your permission. Not to mention, always giving you the full costs before we commence.

Choosing our Mercedes Benz garage can save you up to 50% compared to main dealer prices. We want to provide you with the best service possible and we have a waiting area with complimentary coffee where you can relax as we look after your luxury car.

If you’re serious about driving your Mercedes for years to come, servicing it at a specialised garage is a no-brainer. There is no point in investing large sums of money into a high-class car and then allowing it to degenerate over time. Your average garage does not have the skills or experience required to take care of such a luxurious vehicle. That’s why you should choose Premier Service, a Mercedes approved garage that is proven to maintain your car.