Parts & Lubricants

At Premier Service Leicester, we only use genuine Mercedes parts and Mercedes recommended lubricants, ensuring your Mercedes warranty remains intact.

We also offer a full range of Carlsson tuning and styling options for your Mercedes to realise its full potential.

Mercedes Genuine Parts

Premier Service use Genuine Mercedes Parts

Unlike many other independent Mercedes service centres, Premier Service Leicester only use genuine and guaranteed Mercedes parts and accessories. All our sundries are Mercedes recommended, ensuring your Mercedes warranty is not invalidated.

Why use Genuine Mercedes Parts?

Using lower quality non-Mercedes parts can reduce the lifetime of your Mercedes. Not only do genuine Mercedes last longer, they are designed specifically for your model of Mercedes. In some cases, not using genuine Mercedes parts can invalidate your Mercedes warranty.

Mercedes Recommended Lubricants and Treatments

We also only use Mercedes recommended lubricants, ensuring that both your warranty is maintained and the best performance is achieved from your engine. Our fuel treatments are also recommended by Mercedes, allowing your engine to run exactly as it did the day it left the Mercedes factory.

Why use Mercedes Recommended Lubricants?

Using lower quality non-Mercedes Recommended lubricants can reduce the lifetime of your MercedesMercedes recommended lubricants are formulated for your model of Mercedes. In some cases, not using genuine Mercedes lubricants can invalidate your Mercedes warranty.

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A highly professional and fully personalised servicing experience

Team of technicians with over 20 years of Mercedes Benz experience

A cost efficient service, with up 50% savings on labour costs compared to main dealer

Honest and reliable advice and recommendations made before any work is carried out

Mercedes Benz genuine parts and lubricants used

Manufacturer’s Warranty maintained

Digital Service Book updated or service book stamped

Comfortable seating and viewing area with refreshments

Collection and Delivery service available (with prior booking)