Carlsson Mercedes Wheels

One-piece cast Carlsson wheels, which are heat treated to increase their stability, constitute complete OEM quality and are made in accordance with the industry's DIN / ISO standards. Carlsson's ultra-light-weight forged wheels are unparalleled in terms of quality and appeal. However, the two-piece combination of a cast Carlssonwheel centre and a forged Carlsson wheel disc is also exemplary in terms of design and production quality.

Carlsson Wheels - Technically Unrivalled

Carlsson wheels are not only good-looking, they are technically unrivalled. Being up to 40% lighter than conventional wheels, they play a decisive role in reducing unsprung weight which increases both driving dynamics and ride comfort. Common to all Carlsson wheels is their finish with an extremely tough, high-gloss varnish. What's more, the "Super Silver" finishing coat makes them easy to clean.

Carlsson Wheel Gallery