Carlsson Mercedes Petrol Performance Kits

Carlsson offer big but purposeful increases in power. The compressor assemblies for six and eight cylinder engines are 'high tech made in Germany'. Naturally, Carlsson's engineers have unlimited access to the company's resources when developing compressor engines and performance kits and always work to the same high standards : it is not technical feasability but purposefulness that is decisive for inclusion in the Carlsson range of products.

Accordingly, Carlsson engines are distinguished by a host of technological advances from motor racing, which provides impressive documentation for the company's sporting history. Naturally, all componenets are checked and tested for roadworthiness not only on the racetrack but also on a specially built test bench at Gut Wiesenhof.

The Carlsson development team is made up of numerous highly-qualified engineers whose expertise goes straight into new solutions. Thus, new hardware and software for engines, including compressor systems is developed on the basis of the latest knowledge. Suspensions systems are oned - tested, analysed and refined to new levels of perfection - during innumerable laps through the "green hell" of the Nordschliefe of the Nurburgring track.