Carlsson Mercedes Diesel Performance Kits

Carlsson Diesel

Carlsson C-Tronic mobilises the engine's reserves through intelligent technology that - and this is the decisive factor - never goes to the limits of safety. To this end, the C-Tronic control system draws constantly on engine and operating data and cuts the additional performance well before the situation becomes critical.

Carlsson Diesel

Thus, you can be sure that your engine's enormous reserves of performance are always used safely and intelligently. Moreover, C-Tronic protects not only your engine but also the transmission power. When you change gears, is gently and almost imperceptibly throttles back the power, just like the standard system. In this way, the transmission power, from clutch to drive shafts is protected from over-loading at all times.

Carlsson Warranty Guarantee

The warranty on the C-Tronic runs for three years from the date of installation. The Carlsson C-Tronic is available for all current 200/220/280/320 CDi engines and has TUV certification.